Camping With Cats

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If you are one of the newbies to the world of adventuring with a cat under the open sky, the first thing you should do is to do your homework. You will want to see if your kitty will do well with this type of lifestyle, because if the cat doesn’t enjoy the camping session you planned, you are definitely not going to enjoy camping with your cat.

Before you go

Know your cat – Just do take into consideration whether your cat truly has the right personality to spend time camping with you. You might find camping extremely relaxing and enjoyable, but some cats find being removed from the everyday familiar home surroundings pretty stressful. So, keep the cat at home if she freaks out in nature – simple as that.

Keep him comfy and relaxed – An RV, trailer or camper is always a better bet for cats rather than a tent. Food and water bowls, favorite toys, the omnipresent litter box, toys, and other comforts of home are available in such a scenario. Tents offer much more limited conditions, and they might cause damage scratching or kneading (see why do cats knead). Also, the cat should always have his own carrier and should remain in it, whenever the vehicle is in motion, or when the door is open.

Don’t change his water or diet habits – Pack the same food and water for your cat he is accustomed to at home. A sudden change of dietary habits may easily lead to diarrhea or extra stress. However, be sure to bring a little extra food just in case. Cats need about 250-300 calories a day to maintain their weight.

Make sure the destination is pet-friendly – Do your research before departing and even call ahead if you’re not sure whether cats are allowed on grounds. While some national parks allow pets, there are some campgrounds that charge extra if you bring along your cat.

Make sure the cat gets daily exercise – If he’s used to being indoors, keep him busy inside the camper and give him regular interactive play time as you do it home.

Protect his health – There are other animals at the campground, including wildlife, or even dogs and stray cats. Let’s say there will be a lot your cat will want to check, smell and experience. From bugs and plants to unfamiliar scents and sounds. Let him engage his curiosity but be sure to supervise him constantly. It would be a really good idea to be sure your cat is kept on a leash if he is outside. This will prevent your cat from suddenly climbing a tree or taking off due to being startled.

Never leave the kitty alone – It doesn’t matter whether you zipped your kitty into the tent, or you think it is enclosed safely in his carrier – don’t leave the cat alone at the campsite. There are a lot of things that can happen and cause extra stress for your cat which will cause your camping experience to not go as smoothly as you are hoping for.