We all know that when we take our furry campers with us it requires extra things to pack. We want to be sure that the trip goes smoothly and that there is the least amount of stress possible. Camping is a vacation and for relaxing, so we definitely do not want the headache and stress of not having the right accessories for our pets while camping. There are a few things that can assure you that you and your pet will enjoy the whole camping experience. Here are a few options that can help:

Advantek Original Pet Gazebo Outdoor Dog Kennel with Reversible Cover

This is one of the best options that we have found. Not only do you not have to worry about your dog wandering around or being tied up with an annoying rope, your dog will be in a free space that also provides shade and protection from the elements. It is easy to transport and you can attach multiple sets with no need for extra parts for a larger space or to have different sections. For example if you have two sections you can have one covered with their bed, food and water and the other uncovered so that they can enjoy the sunbeam. This can also be used in the home so that your dogs have a larger area to move around in than just a kennel while you are out of the house. They will be less stressed when you get home and less hyper as they will not have been had to stay in a small area the entire day.

These gazebos come in 4 different sizes to accommodate different sizes of dogs and needs. They range from 3-8 feet tall. The smallest measures 36x36x36 for up to 20 pound pets and the largest 90x90x90 which is for pets up to 180 pounds.

There are a few extras that you can get with the Advantek Pet Gazebos: The Pet Gazebo Sun Shade (med size only), Pet Gazebo Corridor Cover (med size only) and the Pet Gazebo Tote Bag for easy storage and packing (small and med sizes only).

Portable Fencing For Small Dogs

When you want to go camping there is a lot to think about, especially if you are going to be taking your small dog. There are different aspects of camping with your dog that you may think about. One being as to how you will keep your beloved pet from wandering away from your camp site. The other thing that you may think about is how you can provide the comforts of home yet allow them to not to be just tied up or stuck in the camper all day.

There is a great solution for this. The Pet Dog Playpen Foldable Exercise Pen Metal Yard Fence which is portable for traveling or camping. You can also put their pet tent inside for added shade and a safe place to sleep. It will provide your dog with a place that they can have to themselves without the uncomfortable necessity of having them tied up. Most dogs don’t like being tied up as the rope that is connected to an anchor, picnic table, or whatever else you find to connect the other end to, gets tangled in and around the objects laying around the camp site. There is also a risk that they will wander by the fire and the rope will catch fire, or they themselves could end up burned. The rope also is a tripping hazard. Who hasn’t tripped over their dog’s rope or leash? So, as you can see, having their own designated area that is fenced in provides convenience and safety for all involved.

AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

This portable fence is super easy to put together and take down. It lays flat so that it doesn’t take up too much space. The other thing that you can do with this fence is attach the AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate to the door. This way your dog can have its bed available to them without taking up their roaming space. By adding a cover, you can also create a great shaded area so that your dog doesn’t get too hot. Also, without the hassle of their rope dragging around with them, there is less chance that their food and water dishes will get knocked over.

Overall, the fence alone is a stress saver for you and your dog when you are camping with your pets. When you buy the crate also, it can be used as their bed, and their carrier for traveling.